Abalino Dance Theatre uses innovative and experimental techniques that combine the expressive qualities of contemporary dance and physical theatre with the magic of puppetry. It is one of the only companies in the UK to successfully combine these elements.

Drawing on principles from Japanese Bunraku theatre, the Circus, and ideas of illusions and transformations, Abalino Dance Theatre has developed a blend of wordless movement and puppet theatre. The performer is part dancer, part puppeteer and part puppet.

Abalino Dance Theatre provides exciting and accessible visual theatre that appeals to all ages and backgrounds.

"An ingenious hybrid of dance and puppetry"
The Guardian

"It is hard not to be both riveted and charmed."
The Guardian (Josephine Leask)

"Funny, always ingenious... I want quite nakedly to say you should go and see them any chance that you get."
Animations magazine (John Ellingsworth)

"Abalino’s theatre is kind, human"
Animations Magazine (John Ellingsworth)